Dental implants are the ideal replacement for a tooth root. The most commonly used material is titanium, which was first presented in the medical world as a reliable solution for missing teeth in 1982, after a 10 year follow up research with a 90%+ success rate. This process is called osseointegration and usually takes 6-12 weeks.

Dental implants resemble the shape of the root and have an internal screw that connects the implant in the bone to the oral cavity.

They can be used to replace anything from a single tooth to a full arch (the top or bottom of all teeth. The number position of implants (foundations) will depend on bone quality, quantity and most importantly what type of outcome are we aiming for from the treatment. Sometimes we use dental implants for aesthetic reasons, function or both and that will influence decisions made around treatment.

Our Services

Single tooth replacement

The implant is placed on the site where the tooth was lost. Implant + Abutment (connector) + Crown on top

Multiple teeth replacement

Usually 2 implants supporting 3 units bridge (crowns)

Full arches

These are more complex cases and are used to improve the function of a non-stable lower denture. They vary from 2-6 implants per arch and can hold a fixed, fixed removal or removable option.

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